Common Folk

by Common Folk

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released November 9, 2014

Recorded between June and October 2014 at:
Calvary Chapel of Orange County, The Elephant Graveyard, and Peace & Carrots Farm
Thank you Alejandra and Kelly for the album photos
Thanks to all of you for listening




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Common Folk Goshen, New York

Loving God and playing music since 2011.

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Track Name: Real Power
Real change doesn’t come from the politicians
And the promises they can’t keep
That kind of change is gonna start inside of you and me
And real power’s got nothing to do with muscle or money or guns
That kind of power’s gonna start with us

And I’m trying, yeah I’m trying

And really what does it mean when we say we all have to do our part
Because real change is gonna have to come from my heart
And that’s hard for me
‘Cause my heart’s been broke in a hundred pieces
And it’s desperate and it’s selfish and wicked

And I’m trying, yeah I’m trying

Real power only comes from above
Real power only comes from above
Real power only comes from Love

And I’m trying, yeah I’m trying
Track Name: Not Alone
Ever get stuck thinking crazy thoughts
When you're tired or alone or you're homesick or you're bored
Thoughts like you're going nuts
Or you don't have any friends or you've never known how to love

Well if you're scared you've got to know that you're not alone
And if you're overwhelmed you've got to know that you're not alone
And if you're thinking about doing something crazy
Like robbing a bank or killing yourself
You've got to know you're not alone
You're not the first bird who's ever had to fly north to find his home

I've been down I've been blue I've been around I've been where you
Where you were
I got better I just sunk myself into the good book
I read the words

I've been told for the last five years
That I've got to grow up but I don't want to right now
I've been told for the last ten years
That I've got to fit in but I can't somehow
And I've been telling myself my whole stupid life
That I'll never be no one
I'm getting to think that's not true
We used to think that the earth could move the sun
Track Name: Mustard Seed
If I were buried in the dirt below
I’d climb my way up and I’d try to grow
And if I haven’t noticed the rain by now
I’ll probably not notice ‘til I drown

And if I were a mustard seed
I’d grow up into a big old tree
And the birds would come and rest in me in my branches

And if I were a grape on the vine
I hope You’d come around and pick me sometime
I’m trying my best to be green and ripe
I hope to be the grape that catches Your eye

And sometimes I’m feeling like a little sprout
And it’s been about twenty some odd years by now
I hope I’m giving off a little shade
Or a little fruit in some little way
Track Name: Won't Move
I read the other day of a man who was finding a way
To spread the word of the Lord to those who'd never heard it before
But the government found out and didn’t like what he was about
And when he heard they wanted his head this is what he said

If you wanna try to knock me down
You’ll have to knock down my Father first
But my Father doesn’t move
And He certainly won’t move for you

And you can lock me up for the rest of my life
I won’t shut up until I die
I don’t care if you take my life
Because these words will never die
Track Name: Can't Go On Living In Fear
No I can’t go on living in fear

2 Tim. 1:7
Track Name: Sir
Sir could You let go of my sleeve
The holes in Your hands are bleeding on me

But I’m the one with the dirty hands
And I’m the one with the lying mouth
And I’m the one with the wandering eyes

Sir could You get Your feet of the table
You’re bleeding on the wood

But I’m the one with the killing hands
And I’m the one with the hateful mouth
And I’m the one with the greedy eyes

Sir could You put Your arm around my shoulder
I need Your blood on me I need to be washed clean

And maybe You could use these calloused hands
And maybe You could change this wicked mouth
And maybe You could love these tired eyes
Track Name: The Real Thing
Where’s the love where’s the fire
Where’s the passion the desire
To see you’re friends come around
To see the world turned upside down
Is it lost is it gone
Or was it just plain forgot
When you started to settle in

And you just got too busy for it

Now the question must be asked
Was there ever a time in your past
When you had nowhere to go
But to you love was shown
If the answer’s a resounding yes
And my friend I’m sure it is
You gotta get up onto your feet

And show the world that you’re the real thing